Author Interview: Jorja DuPont Oliva

Today, I get the honor of posting an interview from Jorja DuPont Oliva.  Thank you so much!! I reviewed her book, Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden, earlier this year. 🙂


My name is Jorja DuPont Oliva, I will tell you a little about myself. I am a pretty simple person. I have no degree’s in writing. I never went to some fancy big name college. I took a few years of classes at our local community college (It wasn’t in writing). I am Married to a wonderful man of 15 years and we share two unruly boys together. I grew up in a small town in Florida were I still reside. We have a home in the country and share it with many animals. I also am a small business owner of our local bar with my best friend of more than 20 years. I have listen and told stories behind the bar for 20 years now. My memory always stored them to someday write a book. I was never much of an English major (My worst subject in school) I was more of a mathematical person. My mother wrote a gossip column for our local paper the years of my childhood and also had cousin who were writers. So writing was in my genes you could say, but never anything written in stone. I wrote a lot for my own personal reasons (therapeutic reasons) it always seem to help me heal and figure out my emotions.

Organizing a thought process is very hard with my life style, because I’m always on the go. I do a lot of my thought process while I wash dishes. I let the stories brew and simmer in my head. When everyone is in bed, and my house is quiet, I get a chance at the computer to puke it all out.(I was always a day dreamer and live in my head I call my happy place!)  I always have a notebook handy to write down ideas and subjects I would like to write about.  Life seems to steal my ideas from my brain if I don’t write it down. Most of my stories are written on the computer. Long hand for my idea’s, and sticky notes to remind me of a subject I would like to write about someday. By the way, I am probably the worst speller in the world! Spell check has problems with what I am trying to spell. I also type like seven words a minute, well maybe I’m a little faster at it now that I write on a regular bases.

What inspired me to write Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden was probably a lot of things that I had experienced though out my life. The economy was affecting our town terribly. I saw where everyone was losing hope.(including myself) Business was barely making it’s own bills much less any to take home. My husband had to go out of town to find work. I wanted to give people hope again, but didn’t know how to go about it. So I decided I want to go back to school. I started with a class at our Adult Community Education (A class you didn’t get graded on.) Michael Ray King’s  “How to write a book in thirty days” program. My mother always wanted to write a book so I talked her into taking the class with me. (I really did it at that time to spend time with her.) I absolutely loved writing and the class. I was writing a book! After the class was over my first draft was only a week or so from being finished. I kept writing until It was completed. I did it! I then took some extra classes in editing and rewriting through the same program. I was referred to a professional editor and then to a small local publishing company. Now I am published.

I have many other projects I am working on I don’t like to talk about those until I am finished with the first drafts. I do have book two coming out this fall-2014. It is now in the hands of an editor. Chasing butterflies in the Mystical Garden- I am very excited about this book because I let loose a little more with my imagination and less with my emotion. I love irony and things not known. Even as a child I always was fascinated with things and people that were different than myself. Here is a little taste of my new book.

Chasing Butterflies in the Mystical Forest

Dee and Lizzy are chasing butterflies once again, this time in the mystical forest.
Life is often something other than what we think it is. And, when darkness takes over, we can stay in the shadows, or step out and search for the truth, which brings light.
Dee’s search takes her to the Mystical Forest where secrets are abundant. As she grapples with what is real and what is not, Dee’s precious friendship with Lizzy may be at stake.
Alone in her travels, will Dee find her true path? Will her quest for happiness be found in a mysterious childhood chest? Can the family curse she discovers be broken? Is Dee’s fate to be alone her entire life? The answers lie somewhere hidden in the mystical forest.

As for my book covers- I designed it and a class mate did the art work and lay out of it. I hope to someday be able to get into designing cover and all that jazz too. Financially it isn’t my calling yet. I love the old fashioned looking covers, like Nancy drew and Hardy boys. (As a little girl I would sit on the floor of our local library holding those books wishing I could read them someday.)

Right now I am reading like six different books! I hate when I do that because I like to finish things I start! So I am focusing now on just reading my writing books to help me get through a few other projects. Page by Page- by Heather Sellers. Bird by bird-Anne Lamott. I have to say it is helping me with my multitasking of reading. I normally  like to read books that transport me to magical worlds. My very favorite author is Sarah Addison Allen. I do enjoy Nora Roberts and Kate Morton. I read a great variety of writers more so now than ever!  I prefer traditional hand held books. (I like to read out side.) I only became familiar with kindle and ebooks when Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden edition came out. Probably why I’m reading six books right now! I have to say I do like the kindle idea and I get the reason so many are crazy about it. I have found a lot of great books out there from indie authors that I would have never known existed.

I am not going to stop writing books. I have plans of continuing to write until I am old a gray. I love it. It’s me. It completes me. I found a passion that I never want to lose.

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